Cloud Application Security Audit

Cloud Attacks & Security

The benefit of using cloud services is that it gives organizations and individuals the ability to quickly, and efficiently scale web service needs on a reliable, and flexible platform. At the same time, offloading the maintenance and upfront fixed costs associated with network-connected hardware.

Our approach towards cloud security includes a deep understanding of cloud architecture and consequently identifying potential attacks. The identification process includes deeply searching network layer of cloud design as well as applications running on virtual data centres. We assist our clients from the very cloud design phase to the implementation phase.

Why opt for us?

Our cloud security engineers understand this difference. We can help you secure your cloud-hosted apps against intrusion attempts by outsiders, in addition to minimizing configuration errors by insiders to prevent data leaks.

Our manual penetration testing and automated vulnerability scanning capabilities are built with the cloud in mind. From our cloud platform, we deliver vulnerability management offerings suitable for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (Saas).

We help you identify and fix the latest security issues, keeping your web application safe using a combination of manual penetration tests and ongoing automated scans.

We provide an exhaustive set of reports suitable for various use cases that you need to meet. You receive an executive report that summarizes the latest security posture of your application along with a technical report that explains the findings and risks.


This cost-effective service will confirm the robustness of your current platforms:

  • User access and authentication controls
  • Client virtual segmentation & compartmentalization
  • Hypervisor access controls
  • Server security configuration and build
  • Systems security administration programme
  • Incident identification capability
  • Incident response plans & procedures

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