Thick Client Application Penetration Testing

Thick Client Application Penetration Testing

Thick client pen-testing involves both local and server-side processing and often uses proprietary protocols for communication.

Simple automated assessment scanning is not sufficient and testing thick client applications require a lot of patience and a methodical approach. Moreover, the process often requires specialized tools and custom testing setup.

Thick client testing can be exciting for pentesters because the attack surface of these applications can be significant. Unlike web applications or infrastructure pentests, application security testing service provider have a more notable success rate because the client is available locally and, hence, critical vulnerabilities may be found during the engagements.

Steps to test thick client applications

Thick client applications are generally more complicated and customized than web or mobile applications, so they need a specific approach when it comes to a penetration test.

  • Discovering what technologies are being used on both the client and the server sides.
  • Figuring out the application’s functionality and behaviour.
  • Identifying all of the different entry points for user input.
  • Understanding the core security mechanisms used by the application.
  • Identifying common vulnerabilities like languages and frameworks.

Thick Client Application Penetration Testing identifies

  • High-risk areas in the system
  • Assets
  • Attackers
  • Potential attack vectors

This information, combined with a list of your business risks, gives us a blueprint for testing your thick client software.

Thick Client Application Penetration Testing benefits:

  • Experience: We customize each assessment to focus on the risks that are most relevant for your software.
  • Comprehensiveness: Our blended manual and tool-based assessment approach includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.
  • Flexibility: We recognize that every organization has a different risk profile and tolerance, so we tailor our approach to your needs and budget.
  • Enablement:  At the end of each assessment, we’ll conduct a read-out call to walk you through positive findings and prioritized vulnerabilities based on their likelihood and impact if exploited.

Why Octasecurity?

Your thick client applications can contain your organization’s intellectual property, so you want them to be resistant to reverse engineering and modification. Without expert analysis of binary hardening mechanisms, you won’t know how easily an attacker can reverse engineer or modify your client-side code. We offer the best cyber security services and have experience testing obfuscated and hardened applications, breaking security controls such as white-box cryptography, and more.



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