Thick Client Pentest

Thick Client Pentest

This course introduces students to the penetration testing concepts associated with Thick Client Penetration Testing. This is an entry level to intermediate level course and we encourage you to take this course if you are interested to learn Thick Client Application Security. This course uses a modified version of vulnerable Thick Client Application called DVTA to demonstrate how thick client application vulnerabilities can be identified and exploited.

What you’ll learn

  • practical thick client application penetration testing techniques
  • will learn how to reverse engineer .NET binaries
  • how to patch .NET binaries
  • how to identify and exploit common security issues in 2-tier applications
  • multiple ways to intercept TCP traffic coming from thick client apps
  • real world thick client application penetration testing experience
  • ¬†how to use several thick client application penetration testing tools


A computer with administrative access, if you want to follow the hands-on exercises.

It is good to have some security background, but not mandatory.

Terms & Conditions:

No. of attempts: One

Verification method for certification: The certificate will incorporate a unique ID for every participant and the same can be used for verification from Our Website.

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